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Available To Hire

Our Bell Tents suit a wide range of uses other than accommodation, including lounges, healing area structures, dressing rooms, communal areas, stalls, workshops, and much more, with any level of décor, solar lighting or furnishing.

We hire 5 metre (16.5ft) Bell Tents and also have a 6 metre Bedouin tent used for weddings bride and groom and pamper tent or other special occasions. The 5m Bell Tent is just under 10ft high at the peak, 5 meters wide and is very spacious indeed, happily accommodating a family, a pod of friends, or 4 dolphins on a weekend break.

Allowing you to live in pure comfort, the 5m Bell Tent comes with carpets or matting,up to 2 double or 4 single comfortable real beds with mattresses made up with fresh linen, pillows and winter tog duvets, incidental solar lights with an automatic dusk till dawn setting, a small table for your convenience, a little decoration to make you smile, and a
Carpet to make you feel homely. You can fit up to 2 double beds into a 5m tent
with less room for maneuver, and could fit 4 people in style.

The 5 Metre Tents are Furnished with:

  • Carpets -matting
  • Up to 2 Double or 4 single Beds
  • All bedding including a Valance, Fitted sheet, Winter Tog Duvet and Cover, non-allergy Pillows and Cases, a Table, Mosaic Mirror, lights and Decorations
Red sky Tent co bell tent internal furnishings

What is a Bell Tent?

bell-tent-sketch1A Bell Tent is a simple structure, supported by a single central pole, covered with a cotton canvas with a single zip entrance on the front. The stability of the tent is reinforced with tension by guy ropes connected around the top of the walls, pegged down around the circumference to the ground at about 1m from the tent. It has a circular floor plan covered with a ground sheet, and the walls can be rolled up, giving the canvas the appearance of floating.

Bell Tent History & Origin

Thanks Mr Sibley for inventing the Bell Tent’s predecessor, way back in 1856! His design followed his study the Native American Tipi during the expeditions in the American Old West. Patented in the US in 1856, the US Army used the tent exclusively during the Utah Expedition in the winter of 1857-58, proving the design. Sibley was due to receive $5 USD for every tent made. however he resigned from the US Army to join the Confederate States Army after the outbreak of the American Civil War, and received no royalties on his patent!

sibley tent imageThe Union Army produced and used nearly 44,000 Sibley tents during the war. After Sibley’s death, his relatives attempted unsuccessfully to collect the royalties from the Department of Defence.